Sunday, November 14, 2010

Camera Review #1

Welcome to the innovative Canon Powershot SD970 IS. This sleek camera has 12.1 mega pixels and has a 5x zoom. This Canon is known for accurate color tone, especially with skin tones, oranges, and green. It produces vivid colors to make the photo as accurate as possible. The sharpness is great as well as the image stabilization, yet there is a barrel distortion at wide angle. Other than that this camera shoots high-def 720p video with great sharpness and color, but the one downside of the video aspect is that there's no optical zoom. In this camera is a fun, new in-camera category tagging, which can be a great way to organize your photos. As for the hardware it has a sturdy LCD, the 5x zoom and an HDMI output, yet there isn't a viewfinder. There's a dim red-eye/AF assist lamp and the lens is not very quick or wide. Overall though there is a great array of color enhancement settings, and fast, reliable autofocus, yet the burst mode is slow and there are no manual exposure options.

Camera Grade: 7/10
Camera Price: $240


  1. Eh, doesn't really appeal to me. My camera phone is good enough.

  2. nice review, ive been looking for a camera in this price range, can't wait to see more reviews!