Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Review #2

 This is a beautiful and fabulously done photograph. There is movement, contrast, interesting subjects, and well known subjects. The Tour Eiffel stands in the background of this black and white photo, while we have three subjects in the foreground, adding to the splendor of the Tour Eiffel. For starters the couple holding umbrellas and holding each other close in the rain, eludes a sense of romance, which automatically comes with the city of Paris, and the country of France in general. This couple standing off to the side of the Tour Eiffel fills up the right-hand side of the photograph, making it balanced. Then there's the jumping man, whom looks like he must be a dancer or some type of athlete because he's flexible and has his toes slightly pointed as he jumps. It adds a sense of magic to the city of Paris, since there's this jumping man flying across the photograph, and the romantic couple off to the side. All of this is taking place in front of one of the most important artifact of all time, the Eiffel Tower, or the Tour Eiffel as the French call it.

In this photo there is a beautiful contrast of colors, our people are all black while the sky and ground are a white-ish grey, then there's the Tour Eiffel in the background standing out in black against the colors of the sky. Its a fabulously well done photograph, including these subjects, contrasting the colors and catching the motion on the man in mid-air.

Photo Grade: 9/10